Monday, January 21, 2013

My Pinterest Addiction… Why I Started This Blog…

So I have started this blog, because like many people out there I am a certified and official Pinterestaholic!

There I admit it, that being said I have decided to keep a blog to show you the end results of my trying out things on Pinterest. As well, I will also post anything that I have created myself.

On Pinterest at the time of writing this post, I have 48 boards (not including the hidden ones), 2100 posts, and 4028 liked items. (I have so many likes, because it is so much easier when going through groups of posts, to like something and pit it later.)

Talking with friends of mine who are also on Pinterest, I realized that not many people actually end up doing anything with the posts and likes they have gathered on Pinterest. I on the other hand have done so many, that sometimes I forget which ones I actually got from there, and which ones I made up. So I figured I would keep track of the finished projects (because that is something I would like to do), and also give you a chance to see how an everyday say at home mom did with them, and answer the question we all have "does it really work". I will try to include a link in each post of the original idea, because one I want to give credit where credit is due (as is the right thing to do) and because honestly I am not going to retype all the instructions that original creators have.

So I look forward to any comments, questions, and input you may have, and am glad that you have decided to join me in my adventures in crafting, cooking, building, sewing, and anything else I decide to do.

Let the adventures BEGIN!!!